Slalom! archive 1986 - 1995

slalom These pages will contain the scanned images of all previously published Slalom! magazines. The magazine was published during 1986 and 1995 and was sent by post to slalomers all over the world. The circulation was approximately 400-600. Although the group of readers was fairly small, this was the magazine that held together all of the activity in the slalom world at that time.

Issue no 1, November 1986 
The very first issue!

Issue no 2, July 1987 
Second issue, and already 12 pages.

Issue no 3, November 1987  
1987 was quite a slalom year. All of a sudden new countries are joining our scene and there are more events than in the previous years. 

Issue no 4, February 1988 - The magazine is getting established and enjoys a healthy flow of articles and information about racer both in Europe and the US.

Issue no 5, May 1988 - American slalomers cover a large section of this issue, but there are also information and news from Italy, Latvia, Sweden and Spain.

Issue no 6, July 1988 - Largely inspired by Italian and Latvia, at the time representing the Soviet Union contributions, this issue was prepared in a hurry just in time for the World Cup in Münster, Germany and the Czech Summer Camp.

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Thank's to Sara and Mikaela for scanning the first batch of >200 pages, and to Fabien and Xavier for scanning the rest!
Thank's to Lillis for preparing the scans for web viewing.